Enterprise iLembe is an Economic Development Agency of the iLembe District Municipality mandated to drive economic development and promote trade and investment in the region.

The philosophy that drives Enterprise iLembe is built on global best practice principles in Local Economic Development. “Local Economic Development is a participatory process where local people from all sectors work together to stimulate local commercial activity, resulting in a resilent and sustainable economy. It is a tool to help create sustainable jobs and improve the quality of life for everyone, including the poor and marginalized.”

Agency Mandate And Functions

• Develop, review and strengthen the local economic development strategy on behalf of the district and family of municipalities
• Champion a wide range of activities which emerge as important from the family of IDPs and LED Strategies
• Co-ordinate LED activities to ensure alignment and integration
• District marketing and promotion of tourism and investment promotion
• Facilitate the identification, packaging and implementation of catalytic projects in the four key sectors and new sectors
• Provide professional and multi-skilled support and networking services to major investors who wish to invest in the region
• Work with local government to facilitate a business enabling environment
• Implement business, retention and expansion (BR&E) programmes in partnership with local business

Key Strategic Goals

• Facilitate the packaging & implementation of projects in existing and new sectors
• Market and Promote the iLembe District as an Investment, Tourism & Business Destination
• Research other potential growth sectors in addition to the current four sectors of main focus
• Identify, build and co-ordinate partnerships among socio economic stakeholders
• Facilitate research that assists with Policy Development and formulation that impacts the mandate of the Agency
• Influence policy and the regulatory environment for socio economic development and investment
• To ensure sound financial management and viability of the entity

Key Features

  • National Schools Nutrition Programme
  • Local Economic Development
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Social Facilitation